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Jan 14      Travel & Adventure Show, Donald E Stephens Convention

Feb 10     Global Connections: Lunar New Year, Navy Pier
Feb 17     
Uptown Lunar NY Parade, Uptown Chicago
Feb 25     
Cultural Fair, Northbrook YMCA

Mar 8       Multicultural Fair
, Bartlett High School
Mar 16     Private Event
, Sheraton O'Hare

Apr 14     Thai New Year Celebration
, Wat Buddha Dhamma
Apr 26     Private Event, Oakton Community College
Apr 27     Northeastern Thai Association, Wat Dhammaram

May 1       Southeast Asia Night,
University of Chicago
May 4       Spring Recital, Wat Buddha Dhamma
May 10     Asian Night Market, Oakton Community College
May 18      Taste of AAPIChinatown
May 18      AANHPI Celebration, Pacifica Square Aurora
May 19      Skokie Festival of Cultures, Oakton Community Center

June 1      13th AMEC Gala,
 Yellow Box Naperville   
June 8       Thai Fest,
 Thorek Memorial Parking Lot
June 27     Wai Khru Ceremony, Wat Buddha Dhamma
June 29     38th Anniversary Celebration, Wat Buddha Dhamma

Aug 3-4     Destination Asia FestivalMorton Arboretum

Sept 14    Moon Festival, Pacific Square Aurora

Nov 6       Ramayana PerformanceTBD
Nov 24     Thanksgiving Show, 
St. Paul Thai Lutheran Church


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