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Our Programs

The Thai Cultural and Fine Arts Institute is proud to offer different types of programming to promote and preserve the Thai culture. For those interested in learning Thai music, dance, and/or language, classes and performance opportunities are open to everybody - regardless of age, race, sex, or religion. We welcome you to explore our programs.


Classes are held Saturdays from 11am-6pm at the Buddhist Meditation Center in Willowbrook, IL. Schedules and instructor information can be found on the specific subject area page. No prior experience is needed.

Cultural performances

Our dancers and musicians perform in numerous events throughout the year. To promote the Thai fine arts, we deliver authentic, entertaining, and high quality showcases. Local shows around the Chicagoland area have been in schools, libraries, weddings, restaurants, zoos, festivals, parks, and more. Our performing troupe has had interstate and international opportunities as well.

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